Roofs Designed To Last A Lifetime

EPDM Rubber Membranes have been used in commercial roofing applications for over 50 years. Isn't it time that the roof lasts as long as the building it covers!

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Simple To Install

Long Lasting

Supplied in a single sheet

Shed Roof Kits

SKYGUARD® Shed Roof Kits are suitable for any timber garden building and come in a range of sizes with everything you need to install your new roof!

Kit Include:

  • A Single Piece of Rubber Membrane (EPDM)
  • Water Based Deck Adhesive
  • Roller (for Applying Adhesive)
  • Bond & Seal Mastic

To get started, measure the Length and Width of your roof, add 15cm to each measurement to get your EPDM size and then find a kit that fits. The membrane can be laid in either direction so you can look for a kit that either matches Length x Width or Width x Length. If in doubt opt for the next kit size up as excess membrane can easily be trimmed off.

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Over the last 20 years EPDM has become the fastest growing residential flat roof system in the UK. EPDM roofing membranes have been around worldwide for decades and have proven themselves as a trustworthy alternative to traditional materials.

No More Leaks

Unlike traditional roofing materials the EPDM membrane is completely UV stable and will not tear or blister.

Easy Installation

Due to the easy and simple installation you can make your garden roof watertight much faster with SKYGUARD® Shed Roof Kits, providing extra peace of mind when undertaking your project.

Get Watertight Fast

Leaks are a thing of the past as no joining is required during installation. The single piece of EPDM is fully bonded to your roof deck for the perfect guard against the elements.

Long Life

The SKYGUARD roof system will add value to your garden building and is also covered by our 20-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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Ryan Jones

Great products used on 4 sheds and one garage roof

Derek Syde

The last roof I did was a felt roof some years ago. This is so much easier, quicker, cleaner and neater. Thoroughly recommend this product!

George Walton

I bought the roofing kit for my summer house roof. Great product, easy to install and came with everything provided